Does bedtime at your house recall an attack of the clones? Do long car rides make you wonder if your littles have converted to the Dark Side? Does the suggestion of some quiet time turn your tot into Chewbacca? Don’t fret, because these stellar titles promise to turn your Wookie Warriors into peaceful, happy Yodas. Read on to find our favorite books about The Galaxy, in the galaxy.

Vader’s Little Princess

Parenting can be scary, even for the scariest villains around. Even the Dark Lord worries about how long Princess Leia spends talking to her friends on R2-D2's hologram and stresses over getting his little Princess' tea parties just right. Jeffrey Brown strikes again with this hilarious take on parenting from Vader's perspective will leave you feeling like maybe you've just misunderstood him all these years.

Available at; $8.32

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—Shelley Massey