photo: NY Wintercon Comic & Sci-Fi Expo

We all know that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is debuting December 15. At least all of us who are Star Wars fans ourselves or have kiddos who are absolutely obsessed. As it turns out, us regular common folk aren’t the only ones who are majorly into the movie franchise. Nope. Check out the princely people who are so into Star Wars that they not only visited the set, but made some very surprising cameos in the feature film!

Luke and Leia aren’t the only regal members of the Star Wars family. Now there are two real-life members of the royal family in the film. Way back in April 2016, Prince William and Prince Harry visited the Star Wars set at Pinewood Studios. But they didn’t stop at a tour of the set. The two princes also made a brief cameo in the movie.

If you’re waiting and watching to catch a glimpse of the royal brothers, don’t bother. The princes are in the movie. But they’re playing Stormtroopers. And that means they’re hidden behind the clunky costumes.

Along with Princes William and Harry, actor Tom Hardy and singer Gary Barlow also make cameos as Stormtroopers in the movie. It’s kind of a game of, “Guess who’s a celebrity Stormtrooper and who’s just a regular extra?”

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