You’re a major Star Wars fan. Sure, your kiddo is totally into Luke, Leia, Rey and the whole cast of characters. And you’re both not-so-patiently awaiting the December 15 premiere of The Last Jedi, and the two of you would dress up in Star Wars costumes every day if you could get away with it. Well now you can. Sort of. rag & bone is celebrating Star Wars with a new clothing collection — and it’s for grown-ups!

This limited-edition collection will launch on December 1 at rag & bone stores. Select items will be available at as well. Marcus Wainwright, rag & bone’s CEO, says (on the company’s website), “I have always been a huge fan of Star Wars and it has been awesome to create a collection which coincides not only with the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but also with the 40th anniversary of the franchise.”

Oh, this collection isn’t your typical fan-wear. No way. Don’t expect cheesy tee’s and kid-like looks with this line. Instead, look for upscale Obi-Wan-inspired hoodies, fab women’s boots and the RB1 Force high-top men’s sneaker, among many other rad designs.

The oh-so-sophisticated Star Wars line ranges from $95 to $1,295, and includes everything from sweaters to accessories.

Which Star Wars character do you want to dress like? Tell us in the comments below.