Star Wars fans look forward to May the 4th all year long––the official Star Wars Day. If you plan on celebrating, pick up some new swag to help show your love for this epic film franchise. We’ve rounded up some fresh Star Wars gear to keep you in Jedi mind. (Affiliate links included.)

1. Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg Plush

The newest, cuddliest character from the Star Wars Franchise made its appearance in The Last Jedi. Short and stocky, with the deep, soulful eyes, the Porg becomes a new friend of Chewbacca and delighted viewers with its overall cuteness. This 8.5" interactive Porg is perfect for the bird lover! It speaks Porg, flaps its' wings and nods its' head. Happy cuddling!

Snag your Porg on Amazon!

2. Star Wars Chewbelta Chewbacca Car Seatbelt Shoulder Cover Pad

Travel in true Wookie style when you strap this Velcro seatbelt cover on. Made with soft "fur" and a padded backing, you can harness your inner Chewbacca and rest easy on any and all car rides.

Find this hilarious seatbelt cover on Amazon.

3. LEGO Star Wars Yoda's Hut 75208 Building Kit

Yoda, Luke Skywalker and (muddy) R2TD all join in on the fun in this 229 piece new LEGO building kit. Your little architect can build Yoda's hut from the Dagobah system, complete with vine swing, folding bed, fireplace, food and more.

Grab this rather large building set for under $30 on Amazon!

4. Star Wars Pop Up BB8 Children's Action Game

Do your best to make BB-8 pop by sliding different colored "spanners" into unique barrel slots. This is a great game for young or older kiddos alike, and is always a surprise! It's new take on the classic popup game that's bound to keep everyone entertained.

Grab your own game at Amazon.

5. Star Wars 2-Quart Slow Cooker

The whole family can eat well thanks to this 2-quart Slow Cooker. The smaller sized crock pot is great for appetizers and small side dishes, and is bound to spark conversation at family gatherings. The classic black and white coloring details your fave fighter ships, including the Millennium Falcon and several TIE Fighters.

Find this unique slow cooker on Amazon!

6. Star Wars OBI-123: A Book of Numbers

Make counting fun when you're learning with OBI-123: A Book of Numbers. Told with whimsical rhymes and engaging artwork, your young Jedi's won't even notice they're learning! Can't get enough? You can also find an ABC version with C-3PO!

Head to Amazon to purchase your copy.

7. WipeSabers Reflective Saber for Rear Wipers

Rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor sun can hamper these Reflective Sabers that are perfect for rear wipers. No tools are needed for installation, and they are easily removed using the Velcro attachments. They are the perfect addition to your "Toyoda" or any make, really. 

Get your own on Amazon.

8. Star Wars Darth Vader Bluetooth Speaker with Speakerphone Voice Activation & Charging Cable

Play music from your phone, computer or tablet in total dark side style with the Bluetooth Darth Vader Speaker. In addition to playing music in high quality sound, you can also answer phone calls through the speakerphone, and charge the device for hours of listening time. One thing's for sure, this is the scariest looking speaker out there!

You can choose from Darth Vader or a Storm Trooper on Amazon.

9. Star Wars Tin Lunchbox

Tote your lunch in Star Wars style when you pick one these retro style tin lunchboxes. Coming in six designs (including a BB-8 shaped style!), the metal-latching boxes boast beautiful and colorful designs. The collapsable metal hand makes for easy carrying and the sturdy construction means no more squashed sandwiches.

Pick your design on Amazon.

10. Star Wars Air Hogs Star Destroyer Drone

This styrofoam Air Hog Destroyer Drone flies surprisingly well for an inexpensive toy, or so reviewers say. A quick charging drone, you can expect to get about 10 minutes of flight time before needing to power back up. This is a great indoor toy for young fliers.

Snag yours on Amazon.

11. UbiKORT 3D Illusion Night Light Millennium Falcon Table Lamp

Who doesn't need a nightlight of the Millennium Falcon? Lighting up in 7 colors and packed with 9 extra LED lights means you'll be enjoying this nightlight for a lifetime to come. Bright enough to cast a calming glow, this light makes a perfect addition to your little Star Wars lover's room.

This nightlight is yours for less than $30! Find it over on Amazon.

12. Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

Light side, dark side––you can be on all the sides when you snag this Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber kit. Packed with light daggers, dual connector, expansion hilt, elbow connectors and a cross connector, you can literally come up with 100 combinations. This is the ultimate kit for your young padwan. 

Grab your light saber kid quick at Amazon.

13. Star Wars Classic Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Make your room a Star Wars haven when you have these peel and stick wall decals. Made from vinyl that is easy to remove and won't peel off paint, these are the perfect room decor for kids who tend to change their mind often. The only complaint on Amazon about this set is that Princess Leia is in her slave outfit, so use at your own free will.

Grab this room swat over on Amazon.

14. Star Wars Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Bluetooth, rechargeable and super kid-friendly, you can't go wrong with a pair of these BB-8 headphones. Made so the volume is safe for little ears, these headphones can last up to 18 hours on a full charge or you can simply plug in with a normal headphone jack. The foldable design makes them perfect for travel but easy when you want to pop in a film and head to a galaxy far, far away.

Grab these headphones in a variety of themes on Amazon.

15. Trouble Game: Star Wars Edition

You're in trouble now, but this time you'll have to rescue BB-8 from within the Star Wars universe! Play as Rey, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren or Finn as you attempt to move around the Trouble board and get to BB-8 first. It's a new take on a classic and simple game that's great for kids (and adults) of all ages.

You can find this game, as well as other Star Wars themed options like Monopoly, Clue and Risk on Amazon!

16. Star Wars #1 Dad Adult Long Sleeved T-Shirt

You can't help but be Numero Uno with this Darth Vader Dad shirt, and no can argue with you! Made from premium cotton and long-sleeved, this black T-Shirt is all Darth Vader, all the time.

Get yours on Amazon.

17. Star Wars Girls Dress with Belt

A skater style dress, complete with a pink belt and glitter overlay makes this item a great gift for your girly Star Wars lover. The drop shoulder and key-hole opening in the back make it stylish but also quite the homage to the classic movies.

Check out this dress through prime wardrobe on Amazon.

18. Star Wars Hot Wheels Spaceship Models Toys Set

X-Wings, U-Wings, Talon Fighters––oh my! This 12-pack of die-cast Star Wars spaceships may be tiny, but they pack tons of tiny details. Let your littles battle the dark side with ships from both the Rebels and the Imperial armies. Each ship is featured in at least one of the Star Wars films and also comes with a stand for display.

You can grab the entire set for under $20 on Amazon.


What swag will you be picking up for Star Wars day? Tell us in the comments below!

––Karly Wood



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