Starbucks has announced that the PSL is officially ready to order tomorrow, on Aug. 28! But when you head to one of our favorite purveyors of caffeine, why get a Pumpkin Spice Latte for free instead?

Yes, there is actually a free way to get your fave fall coffee and it’s actually easier than you think! The trick is using the Shopkick app and we’ve got all the easy details for you.

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks

To start, Shopkick is an app that allows you to earn free gift cards, just for visiting stores and scanning products. Basically, you can put your hard earned mom errands to good use and get paid!

In order to get that free PSL, you’ll need to start by downloading the app and inviting at least three friends to join you. When you do that, you will earn 1,250 “kicks”––the exact number you need to earn your first $5 gift card! Pro-tip: don’t forget to select Starbucks when checking out. While the Starbucks gift card can be used for any Starbucks product, the timing is perfect to grab a beloved PSL, which retails for slightly less than $5 in most markets.

Earning additional money towards larger gift cards is just as simple. When you and your friends continue to do do errands and scan merchandise, you’ll earn additional kicks and gift cards! If free coffee isn’t your thing, you can also redeem your kicks for other retailers like Old Navy, Walmart, Target and Amazon. Is it us, or is this a no-brainer?

––Karly Wood



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