photo: Starbucks

If there’s one thing sleep deprived parents love it’s coffee (and sometimes whiskey). Now you can enjoy both in java paradise, aka Starbucks’ newly announced roastery set to open in the Midwest.

Last month, Starbucks introduced its latest amazing concoction: (no, not Unicorn Frappuccinos) whiskey-infused coffee. The only downside is, the sweet marriage of caffeine and alcohol is only available at the company’s Seattle-based Reserve Roastery. Luckily for Chicago residents, the company announced it will be opening a new four-story Reserve Roastery in the windy city in 2019. It will be the third location, after the New York City one, which is set to open in 2018.

Besides the whiskey-tinged cup of joe, the Reserve Roastery is essentially an amusement park for coffee connoisseurs. In addition to every drink item Starbucks makes, and a few specialties you can’t get anywhere else, the roastery also gives you a look into how coffee is made from the roasting to the brewing. Visitors will be able to do tastings and get a hands-on experience in roasting.

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