Get ready to celebrate Easter Cadbury Egg style with this secret Frappuccino menu at Starbucks. While your fave coffee retailer doesn’t outright offer the delish drink, reports recently surfaced instructing chocolate marshmallow egg enthusiasts on how to order the hush-hush beverage!

Most Sbucks fans already know that they can order all kinds of special secret drinks (such as a Harry Potter-themed Butterbeer Frappuccino)—provided you know the magical mix combo. Now the Starbucks Secret Menu website has dished on the recipe so you can order that Cadbury Egg Frappuccino for Easter—or any time of the year.

So how can you make your candy-coated dreams come true? The secret recipe starts with a Java Chip Frappuccino base. Next, add Frappuccino Roast, vanilla and caramel syrup and vanilla bean powder! Barista Manny O. shared the rest of the mix magic with Starbucks Secret Menu. For the full list of must-have ingredients click here.

If that’s enough sweet, sweet goodness for you, why not go ahead and add a Cadbury Egg on the side (of course you’ll have to buy that separately)? We won’t tell!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Jeshoots via Pixabay



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