National Coffee Day is quickly approaching and we’re ready to get our java on. Saturday, Sep. 29 marks the special day and we’re celebrating by revisiting some of the best Starbucks secret menu drinks out there.

No doubt you’ve experienced trying to find your favorite coffee on the Starbucks menu, only to have it disappear! Before you lose your cool, it’s important to know that Starbucks frequently shoves its regular beverages off the menu to make room for speciality and seasonal items. As a result, positively tons of Starbucks menu items that have gained “secret” status over the years—so keep reading to see some of our faves!

Cotton Candy Frappuccino

The colorful frapp was supposed to be limited-time special back in 2015, but since the ingredients are pretty basic, you can still ask for the Cotton Candy Frappuccino at your local Starbucks any time. Among others, a barista will blend vanilla bean powder and raspberry syrup that combine in a shockingly sweet taste that highly resembles your favorite state fair treat.

Peppermint Mocha

The sought-after holiday drink is actually available all year long because it’s made with just two simple ingredients: mocha and peppermint! Whether you’re embracing the winter spirit or just want to celebrate the season in July, don’t be afraid to ask for this drink any time of the year.

Iced Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte

If you prefer more nut and coconut milk-based drinks, don’t worry if you don’t see them on your local Starbucks menu. The beverage tastes a lot like the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino: coconut milk is mixed with vanilla bean powder and used as base for the latte, with a more powerful coconut flavor.

Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino

Your favorite drink that you never knew existed is right here: the Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino! The chocolate-based icy cold beverage is basically a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino made with mocha and hazelnut syrup and then topped with more hazelnut drizzle.

Doubleshot on Ice

If you enjoy Starbucks’ canned version of the Doubleshot then you’ll come to love the simpler in-store version that’s made with espresso, milk and sweetener. Why not make it festive and add in some pumpkin spice while you’re at it?

Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato

If you’re jones-ing for a hot drink, we recommend switching it up like customers do with last year’s originally iced drink, the Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato. It’s made with espresso, almond milk, cinnamon dolce syrup, caramel sauce and a cinnamon dolce topping. It’s proof positive that you can enjoy almost any Starbucks recipe hot or cold.

The Pink Drink

The aptly named drink is perfect when you need a refresher. The next time you want to try something different, ask for the iced beverage that’s made with a strawberry Acai Refresher, coconut milk, real strawberries and blackberries.

Peach Ring Tea

If peach is more you thing, then order the Peach Ring tea from the secret Starbucks menu. It’s made with half Valencia Orange Refresher and half Passion Tea with no extra water and a just little added peach syrup. It’s the taste of summer!

Butterbeer Latte

Please and thank you when it comes to the Butterbeer Latte! The beverage is actually a Whole Milk Steamer with pumps of caramel, toffee nut and cinnamon dolce strips, topped with whipped cream and caramel bits. Feel free to add a few shots of espresso for an extra kick!

––Karly Wood



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