What better way to celebrate a major milestone, like a baby’s first birthday than with a Starbucks-themed smashed cake. After all, coffee is the number one key to surviving the first year of motherhood.

Newborn photographer Lynn Puzzo decided Starbucks would be the perfect theme for a smash cake photo session with a one-year-old. Puzzo shared the adorable pictures on Instagram and they couldn’t be more perfect.

“The idea for this session came from my obsession with Starbucks!” Puzzo told POPSUGAR. “I found the outfit and ordered a cake, and then found the model and put the set together to bring my vision to life. I was super excited about it and didn’t tell a soul — including the model! — I wanted it to be a total surprise! I searched the internet and wasn’t able to find any other Starbucks-themed cake smash sessions!”

For more cute, caffeinated photos check out Puzzo’s inspiring Instagram feed here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Lynn Puzzo via Instagram



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