Most parents can agree: it’s important to get our kids on track to eating right. Unfortunately, green salads, hearty veggies, and whole grains tend to come as a second choice for little lunchers. In her newest cookbook Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love, author and chef Tracy Griffith shares her nutrient-rich recipes (all gluten-free!) and sneaky ways to get kids excited about healthy eating.


Using her experience as a professional sushi chef (one of the few female sushi chefs in the world!) and a best-selling cookbook author, Tracy has created delicious, simple recipes that stem from her love of cooking with kids. Tracy’s belief that, if kids have a hand in creating their food, they’ll be happier eating it, has inspired over 7 chapters of lunches, snacks, and munchies that kiddos can help craft. Between pita pockets, tiny tacos, and rice rolls, these fun-sized and crazy-shaped recipes hide the healthy ingredients that little ones usually reject and make lunchtime way more fun. Clean plate club, anyone?

Forget the carb-loaded, traditional lunches that leave kids feeling sluggish and give your family’s lunches a stealthy, healthy update with Tracy’s innovative cookbook! With all her healthy ingredients, exciting easy eats, and invaluable advice, Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love will help your family spice up lunchtime the right way.

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— Claire Schillings

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