Looking for an eco-friendly, space-saving solution to regular Tupperware? Stojo, the wildly popular portable storage solution company, just dropped its line of bowls, cups and mugs at Target. They’re great for travel, meal prep, or summer camp!

We love the 12-ounce collapsible cup with the straw at only $12.99. It holds hot or cold beverages, it’s dishwasher safe and it’s BPA free. You can also snag the 16-ounce travel mug with a straw for five more dollars! Finally, there’s a 20-ounce water bottle that’s perfect for the gym, complete with a tether attachment.

For food storage options, snag the sandwich box, which holds up to three cups of any hot or cold food. It’s also only $12.99 and collapses almost flat. Finally, the salad bowl can store up to 36 ounces for $17.99. Both have snap-on lids for an airtight seal and they’re nestable for compact storage.

All of the new products come in four colors: carnation, cashmere, denim and a signature new aquamarine. Even better? Stojo is designed by dads who wanted to do better for the planet and their kids. A stylish, practical way to make the earth a better place!

—Sarah Shebek

All images courtesy of Target



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