If you’ve got a prickly pet at home, you’re going to want to cool it with the pet PDA. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning about hedgehogs that surprisingly has nothing to do with those sharp quills.

After a multi-state salmonella outbreak, the CDC is putting out an APB against kissing hedgehogs. Ten out of 11 patients infected during the recent outbreak reported having contact with a hedgehog. Although these prickly pets are popular, they still pose a health risk and should be handled with care.

photo: amayaeguizabal via Pixabay

Hedgehogs can carry salmonella bacteria without appearing sick themselves—and easily spread it around. The CDC says it’s important to always wash your hands after handling your hedgehog and to always keep them out of the kitchen. Avoid bathing your hedgehog in the kitchen sink and bringing them into your bed. Keep their toys and cage clean.

If all else fails, get a dog instead ;)

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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