Halloween is the perfect time for spooks and sweets and nothing combines the two better than a new collection of Stranger Things Halloween candy! Your Halloween party totally needs all these clever treats.

We might have to wait until next year for new Stranger Things episodes, but while you’re rewatching the gang trick-or-treating in Season 2 you can feed your sweet tooth with new Stranger Things-themed candy from IT’SUGAR. (Just don’t feed any to the baby demogorgon.)

The clever new collection features something for every type of candy lover, from the gooey gummy My Little Pollywog to The Upside Down Chocolate Bar that’s half chocolate colored and half gray with specks to resemble the colors of the Upside Down.

There is also a Stranger Things Gummy Letters Box that features a Christmas light-colored gummy alphabet that you can use to spell out your message to Will. And in an awesome nod to dear, departed Barb, there is a mini milk carton filled with malted milk balls that features a picture of Barb on the side with the caption: “Missing.”

photo: IT’SUGAR

Of course no Stranger Things foodie collection would be complete without a waffle. In this case it’s a gigantic four and a half inch, maple flavored gummy waffle. Forget the trick-or-treaters, this stash is all yours.

The collection is available online and in IT’SUGAR stores, but shop soon if you want to get your hands on these treats—they’re disappearing faster than the citizens of Hawkins.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: IT’SUGAR via Instagram



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