If there’s one thing we hate most about the rain is donning our totally unflattering rain coat with an umbrella in-hand that always seems to get turned inside out from the wind, while trying to carry groceries to the car. Yes, we’re that mom who you drive by and think, I’m glad I’m not her right now. We may look like a hot mess (errrr…wet mess) but our kids on the other hand not only love the rain, but they make their rainy day gear look downright stylish. We love the rainy day styles out there from the bright polka dots to the too-cute umbrellas. Now, if only these sweet looks came in adult sizes.

Kelly, age 2.5 years, wearing a raincoat from Old Navy (last season), pants from Kohl’s, and her favorite yellow crocs. Kelly’s moms says, “It doesn’t rain here often enough – she only wore this coat twice before outgrowing it.” Sounds familiar.


Blake, age 4.5, is the superhero son of Red Tricycle Seattle Editor, Kristina. Kristina tells us, “Blake insisted on a Batman raincoat at Nordstrom today! We went in for new school shoes and came out with school shoes, a Batman cape coat and matching Batman boots! The coat has a full cape on the back and the batman emblem lights up when he moves!” Love the look? Click here to buy the coat and boots.

Blake Moy Batman

Sure, it doesn’t rain much in L.A. but that doesn’t stop the twin brother sister duo of our Los Angeles Editor, Meghan from modeling their rainy day gear. Jacob, age 4, is modeling his new Wippette umbrella and boots here, and Molly, age 4, is re-inacting Singin’ in the Rain with her Wippette umbrella here.

Molly Jacob

Steven, age 4, is enjoying the puddles with his Stephen Joseph raincoat, rain boots, and umbrella.


Aiden, age 5, is the son of Red Tricycle Portland account director, Tracy. He’s sporting an umbrella from Target and rain coat from Costco.


Taryn, age 4, wearing Genuine Kids by Osh Kosh.


Red Tricycle’s Bay Area Events Calendar Editor, Rachel sent us these photos of her adorable kids. Eli, age 2 1/2, is wearing a Western Chief coat and Capelli boots, while his sister, Nina, age 4.5, is also wearing a Western Chief coat.

Nina Eli

Megan, a local OC photographer, sent us this photo of her daughter after the last heavy rain. Megan’s daughter is wearing is wearing Molo Rain Boots and a Pluie Pluie rain coat.


Paige, age 4, is the daughter of Bay Area account director, Julie. Paige is wearing a raincoat from Land’s End that her mom picked up from Chloe’s Closet Consignment and Western Chief Kids boots bought from our friends at Zulily.


Twilight (now that’s a cool name!) in her new rain gear ready to go out and play. She’s wearing Green Cotton High quality rain gear.


David is wearing a dinosaur rain coat by Kids Headquarters while at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth ,TX.


Mia, age 3, wearing Polarn O. Pyret polka dot rain gear.


Mackenzie is showing off her rainy day style with a Disney shirt, Levis capris and Hatley rain boots.


Do your kids look stylish in their rain gear? Send us a photo along with your child’s name, age, and the brands he or she is wearing!

— Erin Lem