Forget about the gym. Parenting may burn more calories than a half-hearted jog on the treadmill. At least, that’s what a new study says.

A recent survey by the UK retailer Wren Kitchens found that parents can burn up to 50,000 calories a month—and that doesn’t include actual exercise.

photo: Thiago Cerqueira via Unsplash

After comparing typical activities of the parents surveyed to data from, the findings showed that moms and dads burn 1,478 calories on daily activities and 2,374 calories on weekly activities.

When it comes to daily activities, the top calorie-burners were carrying small children (259 calories per day), childcare (245 calories per day) and moving household items (240 calories per day).

Mopping took the number one spot for weekly activities, with parents burning 405 calories. This was followed by vacuuming (387 calories per week), sweeping floors (377 calories per week) and loading/unloading the car (317 calories per week).

—Erica Loop



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