photo: Tim Cigelske via Flickr

When you say till death do you part, you sign up for more than just romance and laughter. There’s also the fights, man colds, and of course all of that burping, farting, nose picking that comes along with having to share your room with a dude for the rest of your life. A new study reveals that most married women don’t mind those little quirks and love their husbands in spite of their questionable hygiene.

National Today recently surveyed 525 married women about their husbands and discovered some interesting things. Selective listening, snoring, bodily quirks (aka farts and burps) and generally being a slob, all made the top ten list of things that, surprisingly, don’t annoy women about their husbands. A whopping 82 percent said they were not annoyed by their husbands leaving dirty clothes on the floor and ignoring the pile of dishes in the sink.

The survey also asked women about the things they appreciate the most about their husbands. The top responses were: hard worker, I can be myself around him, makes me laugh, smart, supportive of my goals and desires, and great parent.

Do you agree with the responses to this survey? Share your own favorite things about your husband in the comments.