Is there anything better than when the subscription fairy—a.k.a. the mailman—delivers a guaranteed afternoon of fun to your doorstep? From science to geography, glitter to granola, there’s something for everyone in a kit that strips the prep work out of a project, leaving you with nothing but the fun. Scroll down for our favorite bang-up boxes guaranteed to please all of your peeps.

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For the Tween

Ages 8-12

These awesome monthly boxes arrive packed with things to make your daughter squeal (ok, if she’s a tween, she’s probably already squealing, but this will take the decibel up to glass-shattering). You’ll find something in each bag for “Earth” (eco-friendly items to introduce concepts of being good global citizens), “Love” (items that focus on self-esteem, self-love, confidence, and positive relationships), and “Sparkle” (items that are fun, positive, and always exciting). And, if that weren’t enough, Monday Sparkles even includes journaling opportunities and mother-daughter activities that will help her remember that you do, in fact, “get it.”

Insider Tip: Monday Sparkles donates $1 for every box sold to an incredible organization that supports its mission to bring positivity, fun, and eco-consciousness into the lives of as many tween girls as possible.

Cost: $35 for a one box at a time subscription, which is mailed quarterly.

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For the Book Worm

Ages 12 & under

It goes without saying that if it comes on a pad, a smartphone, or a computer, most kids will dig it—which is exactly why we love Epic, a digital library for kids. And while Epic isn’t a monthly kit that’s mailed to your door, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers hours of reading (including read-to-me audio versions) to your den… or car… or waiting room. With over 15,000 titles to choose from, Epic is full of kid-friendly reading categories. The best part? Epic offers users suggested reading lists based on previous use, so you won’t have to search for hours to find every last title on snakes, starfish, or Star Wars. With up to four users per subscription, this is truly an epic subscription service.

Insider Tip: You don’t need a promo code to claim a free first month of Epic. Just sign up here.

Cost: Monthly subscription fee is $4.99 with unlimited reading from 15,000 titles.

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For the Explorer

Ages 5-11

If your kid comes home talking about the snows of Kilimanjaro or the rains in Spain, Junior Explorers is the subscription kit for you. Arriving with maps, guidebooks, stickers, fact cards, figurines and even temporary tattoos—all of which tie in to that month’s theme—this kit gives kids the tools they need to complete “missions” based on the ecosystem du jour. The icing on the cake? Kids get to use a top secret code that comes with each shipment to go online and complete the final challenge.

Insider Tip: Sign up for 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions and increase (or decrease) shipments as needed.

Cost: $19 for one month, $16.33 for three months, $15.83 for six months, and $15.42 for 12 months.

mainslider_img_2photo: Raddish Kids

For the Chef

All ages

Yes. Yes. Yes! Raddish Kids offers us a solution to the “Mommy, can I cook with you?” dilemma at homes across the land. Because of course, who wouldn’t want to spend quality time with the kids in the kitchen, whipping up an edible and enjoyable meal—but the reality of cranky, hungry siblings, time crunches between practices, or just the effort to dream up a dinner where everyone can pitch in sometimes turns a “yes!” into a “maybe this weekend?” We love Raddish Kids for its durable recipe cards, picture-heavy instructions, dinnertime conversation cards, and even a science and math discussion guide for parents to incorporate while cooking. Still need something to convince you? Each box comes with a patch (think Girl Scouts) to affix to an apron after successfully completing a meal. They had us at accessories.

Insider Tip: Raddish will donate a percentage of purchases back to a school or organization that is important to you.

Cost: $24 for a monthly membership, semi-annual and annual memberships available.


MNTBox_2015_028_a19bfebf-b17c-453d-b4a9-95d8945f1f73_1024x1024photo: Mom ‘N Tot Box

For the Fun of It

Ages 4 & under (and moms)

Sometimes, it’s just nice to get a little love. Just a little something sweet to add a spark to your afternoon. Something surprising. Something smallish. And the Mom ‘N Tot Box delivers all that in curated selection of puzzles, masks, crayons, wood toys, felt toys, educational cards, bath products, and clothes specific to the age, gender, and interests of your kids. The best part? Mom ‘N Tot Boxes always come with a little something extra for mom.

Insider Tip: All products in the Mom ‘N Tot Box are exclusively from small businesses made in the USA.

Cost: $55 for a monthly subscription.


know yourselfphoto: Know Yourself via Facebook

For the Wise and Well

Ages 7-12

Know Yourself is a 12-month adventure series that introduces a different system of the human body each month, starting with the five senses and progressively building to explore the skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive and immune systems and more. Each box comes with an original comic book, science experiments, historical lessons and healthy recipes that support an underlying message of self literacy.

Insider Tip: Know Yourself is based on the foundation that everyone deserves a working knowledge of their most valuable assets: their body and mind.

Cost: $35 for a monthly subscription.


il_570xN.1001636041_r1nlphoto: Tiny Brushstrokes

For the Artist

Ages 2-6

Have you ever had great intentions to create something with your tiny tot’s toes (or fingers, or anything, really), only to end up with paint on the floor, glitter on your sofa, and glue in your hair? Right. So have we. Which is why we love this incredible art subscription box. Supplying inspiration and art materials for open-ended and project-based art experiences, Tiny Art Boxes by Tiny Brushstrokes is unique because it’s geared toward the younger set without sacrificing any of the adorable factor that you might find in art projects for the bigger kids.

Insider Tip: Check. It. Out!! Order a SIBLING box for an additional $12.50 for double the supplies in each delivery.

Cost: $19.81 for a one-month subscription or $51.51 for a three-month subscription.

il_570xN.935000500_5ufwphoto: Little Senses

For the Hands-On Tot

Ages 3-5

Engage your preschooler with hands-on fun with these themed sensory bins by Little Senses. What we love the most about these bins—that come in lots of cute themes such as farmyard, under sea, and bugs—is that many are made with non-GMO, organic food based materials and carefully selected objects to engage children in tactile learning, fine motor development and pretend play. Mini explorers will fulfill sensory needs with touch and textures, develop fine motor skills, and practice color matching and sorting. Who knew that such little packages could pack such a big punch?

Insider Tip: Love the idea but wish they made a sensory bin in your preschooler’s favorite subject? Just ask! They customize bins in addition to their standard offerings.

Cost: $28 per box or $75 for a three-month subscription.


What subscription services do you love? Tell us in the comments section below!

—Shelley Massey