Scoop up your little minifigs and get ready to have an unforgettable summer adventure at LEGOLAND California. The theme park continues to stack up the fun with fresh offerings for families. From the new DUPLO® Playtown and the interactive, 4D film, LEGO® City 4D – Officer in Pursuit!, to joining the celebration of LEGOLAND‘s 20th Birthday, scroll down to see what’s hot this summer at LEGOLAND––where everything really is awesome! Psst… we even tell you how your kids can get free admission!

photo: Beth Shea

New LEGOLAND® Express Train Ride

All aboard! LEGOLAND® California Resort’s DUPLO® Playtown is officially open in a new location in the Park! This colorful, whimsical play area is designed for kids age five and under and has over 10 interactive, hands-on play features complete with sounds and games for little ones to enjoy. 

Pint-sized conductors will love climbing aboard the new LEGOLAND® Express Train Ride, a mini-locomotive that makes the perfect first theme park ride for young kids.

photo: Beth Shea

Kid Power Towers

Mighty young park-goers will love putting some muscle into the Kid Power Towers in the center of DUPLO® Playtown. They can team up with their parents, friends or siblings to power their own ascent to the top of one of three towers for a breathtaking vantage point of the entire Park before giggling on the thrilling "free-fall" on their way back down to the bottom of the tower.

photo: Beth Shea

New DUPLO® Playtown

Kiddos can use their imagination and build with LEGO bricks throughout interactive playhouses including a barn, fire station, grocery store, hospital and maze complete with an interactive scarecrow. 

photo: Beth Shea

New LEGO® City 4D Film – Officer in Pursuit!

Don't miss LEGOLAND® California Resort's newest interactive, 4D film, LEGO® City 4D – Officer in Pursuit! It promises to be an experience your kids will never forget because they become part of the adventure in this action-packed short film. Put on your 4D glasses and join the fun with LEGO® City Police Officers as they chase a crook across town. Your whole family will delight in the thrilling combination of 3D computer animation with 4D real-world effects including wind, bubbles and water, all while being captivated by the crazy pursuit of trying to capture the villain. Be prepared to get a little wet and to laugh out loud!

LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit! is shown daily at LEGO Showplace Theater located inside the Park.

photo: Sandy Huffaker/LEGOLAND

Free Admission to Celebrate LEGOLAND's 20th Birthday

LEGOLAND is celebrating their 20th birthday all year long! The biggest perk for Park-goers is that LEGOLAND is gifting kids ages 12 and under with free admission on their birthday throughout 2019.

Additional birthday celebrations include a new interactive Birthday Dance Party, LEGO Friends birthday show, exclusive birthday desserts, pop badges and more. New shows can be seen daily through Sept. 1 and are filled with singing, dancing and characters that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Insider's Tip: Save room for dessert! Castle Ice Cream is serving up Birthday Monster Milkshakes in honor of LEGOLAND's 20th birthday and you won't want to miss this epic treat that's topped with a cupcake! 

photo: Beth Shea

LEGO® Movie 2 Experience

We know your kiddos loved the LEGO® Movie and LEGO® Movie 2, so take them behind the scenes to see the magic and hard work that brought the second blockbuster to the big screen at the LEGO Movie 2 Experience. They'll get to see the actual LEGO models and sets featured in the hit film and spy Emmet, Lucy and other stars in their hometown of Apocalypseburg. The details are mind-blowing.

photo: Beth Shea

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

Hear ye, hear ye all young royals! Have you booked a stay at The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel yet? It's fit for a king! With three room themes to choose from: Royal Princess, Knights and Dragons and Magic Wizard, as well as an expansive outdoor play area and swimming pool, a delicious Dragon's Den restaurant and more charming details than you can wave a wand at, a stay at this small kingdom is simply a must for any LEGO lover. Treat your little minifigs to a staycation here this summer that they're sure to love.

Read our full review of LEGOLAND Castle Hotel here.

LEGO® City: Deep Sea Adventure Submarine Ride

Have your young oceanographers taken the plunge yet? Take them to dive into LEGOLAND California's single largest investment for any ride in the Park's history: the submarine ride LEGO® City Deep Sea Adventure! Climb aboard and get ready to go deep into a 300,000 gallon underwater world that's teeming with over 2,000 live sea animals including Blacktip Reef sharks, stingrays and fish. Passengers can use touchscreens stationed at the sub's portholes to assist the LEGO minifigure dive team in an interactive treasure hunt to identify gems, pearls and LEGO gold coins during the ride's four-minute long journey.

photo: Beth Shea

Prevent Summer Brain Drain

What better way to stave off that summer slide than with an inspired visit to LEGOLAND? Keep those thinking caps screwed tightly on your LEGO lovers and read our guide to preventing summer brain drain on your next visit to this vibrant theme park. Lessons in engineering, robotics, science, physics and history are all throughout the park for your young Einsteins to discover. Shhh... they won't even know it's an educational outing!

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