Summer is almost here, and while you may be tempted to stock up on all the new styles filling the stores right now, we have a few easy hacks that can help you turn kids’ tired winter wear into cool warm weather looks. From transforming old sneaks into the perfect beach shoe, to how to create the coolest cutoffs, we have a closet-full of DIYs that the littles will love helping with.
DIY ShoeSnug Shoes To Sandals
If those not-so-little toes are crammed into their favorite pair of canvas or linen sneakers, a little Exacto blade action can transform them into sandals perfect for the sand. Toms with holes in the toes can become actual peep-toe sandals, while heftier sneaks can go heel-less to make simple slip ons.

Too-Small Dress to Beach Cover-Up
If those legs are growing like beanstalks, her favorite dress may be too short for school. But there’s no such thing as too short when it comes to a beach cover up. For even easier on/off access, take a pair of scissors and slice the dress up the front like a jacket, so it can slip on over a sandy suit, no problem! (Feeling ambitious? Add a button or a drawstring around the waist for closure.

Holy Jeans to Cutoffs
Holes, stains or simply pants that are too darn short—just take a pair of scissors to them for some sassy shorts. Check out for lots of creative cutoff ideas (like overalls!) 

Short Shirt to Sweet Midriff
You know that beloved t-shirt that your little one insists on wearing despite how LITTLE is actually is? With a few snips, a too-small long-sleeved tee can become either a breezy crop top or adorable tiny tee.


Teeny Skirt to Tube Top
A favorite elastic waisted skirt can get new life by simply being pulled up…way up. A too-short skirt can become a tube top perfect for summer vacation. For a more secure style, stitch a ribbon in two spots below the collar bone to make a halter.

Do you have any hot DIY ideas for transforming old winter duds? Tell us in the comments below!