Flowers at a tailgate sometimes seem over the top.  But what is a table without a little arrangement? The problem – of course – is that a breakable vase is not ideal in a parking lot and plastic ones look cheesy.  I made my own out of paint tins, colored paper, and team patches.  You can make these in any color for any team.

You’ll need:
2 one -quart paint cans (new)
1 sheet scrap booking paper
Double stick tape
Hot glue gun
School logo patch

Step 1: Measure the height of each paint can.  Cut the paper into two strips to wrap around the can.

Step 2: Place double stick tape around the edges of the paper and wrap the paper around the can.  Be sure to work from one side and smooth out as you go.

Step 3: Apply the patch to the front of the can using a hot glue gun.

Lifestyle maven Alexandra Hedin has been taking her know-how on cooking, decorating, and being the consummate hostess to the masses following the publication of her book Entertaining at Home. She’s a mom to three small kids and will be documenting the transformation of her new home into an expressions of her style on her blog.