Photo by: Michelle Rose Sulcov for AV NORDEN

Jenny Jackson

Mother, wife, and founder on a mission to a more sustainable fashion reality.

This season, we’re all considering a lot when we spend our valuable dollars. And the truth is, every single dollar you spend really does matter. As a small business entrepreneur, I can verify that even small orders MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. In my work in sustainable fashion, I spend a lot of energy making sure that everything I offer is not only designed well from an aesthetic point of view, but also designed with environmental and human implications in mind. For every company and every product this looks a little different, so I take the time to forge the relationships with brands and designers to ensure that what I’m offering the world is a benefit on all fronts. With that in mind, I’ve assembled a holiday gift assortment that fits into the realities of 2020…hopefully helping us to all glean some positive vibes from the harsh realities of this year.


This beanie is not only stylish, but super practical. It's lined with organic cotton and the outer wool knit design is produced in Finland. A land that knows a lot about how to keep cozy in the elements.

Cable Knit Beanie

If Kristoff's hat was a twinning season staple.



Inspired by the French provincial bows in Beauty & The Beast, these handmade accessories are fashioned from a range of vintage & European made brocades. A special accessory in both child and adult size, they can also be worn Kamala style as a neck tie, headband...or your very own way!

Self-Tie Sash Hair Bow

Our sustainable take on the Big Bow



Does it make any sense to buy a dedicated special occasion dress this year? We think a special dress that can also double as a play dress is the way to go. This beautifully illustrated owl design by iconic Nordic artist, Klaus Haapaniemi is magical. The silhouette is unique, but the fabric is super comfy!

Owl Dress

An update on the classic holiday dress.



This beautiful knit is lined with organic cotton and fits snug to keep your head and ears toasty! Also comes in adult and child sizes, so don't be afraid to twin!

Cable Knit Headband

Fun & functional, we love a good winter headband!



And the gals in your life won't be disappointed by this one! The wave knit structure is stunning, and the soft warm merino is sourced ethically from mulesing free sheep farms. So good, so fashionable, so timeless.

Clyde Lace Merino Sweater

Tis the season for sweater gifts!



These wool mittens are lines with organic cotton and the long cuff is multi-functional - it helps keep the mittens on, it keeps the forearms warm...mitigating space between the coat and mitten.

Snow Crystal Mitten

Hands down, the best mittens we've ever found.



The most practical addition to your winter wardrobe. With an organic cotton inner layer and outer wool, my favorite way to wear this is as a headband. This comes in one size and is very stretchy, so can work seamlessly for child or adult. Male or Female! (A good gift for dads, my husband loves his!)

Double Layer Tube

A beanie, scarf, or super cute scrunchy headband.



The Kivat balaclavas are why I wanted to work with this company. They are unique and so practical. Never itchy, helping the kids be always ready to play! Not only are the materials sustainable, but the design is uber functional for cold weather. The ears and forehead feature additional lining, and the reflective tab keeps kids visible as the days shorten.

Braided Wool Joker Balaclava

Experiencing below 40 degree temps regularly? Your kids need these!



Pair the Madrid Sweatshirt with Valletta trouser, and twin with the little sibling in the Milan Romper for a family of adorable penguin babies! Organic cotton fabric that will stand the test of time and can be passed down for years to come.

Penguin Sweatsuits

It's the best time of year for little penguins.



Clean burning, eco-friendly soy candles in an elegant 10oz black glass tumbler - my favorite gift of the season! Made from high quality fragrance oils, no dyes, and cotton ribbon wicks free of lead and zinc.

Av Norden Tumbler Candle

Clean scents for that hygge vibe