Even if you’ve Konmaried your home, there’s still a fair amount of stuff you can’t help but accumulate because well, parenthood. While minimalism may not be in the cards, it’s easier than ever now to buy smart. From covet-worthy bags that are cruelty-free to goods made out of recycled water bottles, we uncovered forward-thinking brands that you can feel good investing in. Read on for our picks.

Artifact Eight: Cruelty-free Luxury

Luxury doesn’t equate to cruelty. At least that’s the way Artifact Eight sees things. Their luxe handbags and travel accessories are faux skin, and to the naked eye may get PETA riled up. But, rest assured the entire hand-crafted collection is cruelty-free and made right in L.A. So go ahead and celebrate the animal kingdom with Artifact Eight (we think these will make great Mother's Day gifts!), all without negatively impacting their population. Online: artifacteight.com


Rothy’s: Put Your Best Foot Forward with These New Kid Sneakers

Rothy’s launched a girls’ loafer line in 2018, which has already achieved the same cult-favorite status of their adult counterpart. So, it’s only natural for Rothy’s to next introduce a slip-on shoe that every kid can wear. Released in March 2019, and tested out by active, busy kids, the sneakers are washable and offered in 10 different colors and prints inspired by the bright colors of the 1970s. Like all Rothy’s shoes, the sneaker has an athletic outsole, and the stretchy knit is made out of recycled water bottles. Read more about this new Rothy’s shoe line here and get yours at rothys.com.

Parkland: Carry It with Pride

There is one thing a family can never have too many of: bags! From totes to kid backpacks to duffles and adult-sized backpacks, Parkland is your go-to spot for functional bags with a punch of attitude and style. The exterior fabric of all bags is made from recycled water bottles (check out this cool video explaining the process here) and their mission is all about inspiring others to make sustainable choices. Now, that’s a brand (and mission!) we can get behind. Check out all of Parkland’s products, including their brand-new spring line, at parklandmfg.com.

Bee’s Wrap: Natural Food Storage Wrappers

It may be hard to grasp life without plastic, but we have an easy step to take to help get you closer to that goal. Choose Bee’s Wrap, an alternative to plastic bags, tupperware and saran wrap. Made of organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, use them to wrap around veggies, cheese, fruit, snacks, sandwiches or really, any food products. They’re lightweight and reusable (clean by washing with cool water and light soap) for about a year. After you’re done, compost or use as a fire starter for your next camping trip. Multiple options available at beeswrap.com.

Kinder Birch: GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Onesies

Kinder Birch, a new clothing company that debuted just this year, is disrupting the organic baby clothing space. Their styles are all GOTS certified Organic cotton and all printed with low impact dye. The patterns are whimsical, fun and playful, with the actual fabric thick enough to withstand rough and tumble play, while being oh-so-soft for baby's skin. Toddler PJs and more styles coming soon. Available at kinderbirch.com.

CrayonBlocks: 100% Biodegradable Beeswax Crayons (Created by a Dad!)

If Junior is into art, but you’re worried about what type of unsafe materials he’s coming into contact with, you’re not alone. The dad creator beyond CrayonBlock felt the exact same way when his son licked a crayon and realized his child was tasting paraffin. Thus, the idea of CrayonBlocks was born. This dad-created line of crayons is 100% biodegradable, paraffin- and chemical-free, certified organic beeswax with food grade colors that conform to the strictest of standards. Not only that, but the crayons also feature 8 edges and 8 corners making them easy to grip and draw. Available at crayonblocks.com for $13.99.

The BIONIC® Sneaker: A New Eco-Friendly Collection from Sperry

Sperry's new line of sneakers for the entire family is specially made from BIONIC fiber made from plastic recovered from marine and coastal environments. The eco-friendly kicks feature their signature non-marking rubber outsoles for fantastic traction and they're cushy enough to stay comfortable for all-day wear. The shoes themselves come in Sperry's shoe box made from 100% recycled paper material, and include only vegetable ink and water-based glue. How's that for eco-conscious innovation? Various styles available at sperry.com for $49.95.

Recover Brands: Tees Made of Recycled Water Bottles

Every day—not just Earth Day—is a teachable moment to show your kids how to really care for Mother Earth. Remind her of this daily with a “Protect Our Parks” tee from Recover Brands. This brand makes their goods from recycled water bottles (check out the process here). Bonus: their apparel also comes in adult sizes, too! Available at recoverbrands.com for $18.

Stasher: Ditch the Plastic Bags

There are so many awesome companies that make going plastic-free easy and Stasher is one of our favorites. Their goods are all 100% pure platinum food grade silicone that are easy to clean, reusable and non-toxic. We think Stasher bags stand out because you can not only store snacks for easy access (they bags are super easy to open and close for little hands), but you can also microwave, place in the oven, store in the freezer, boil on the stove and wash in the dishwasher. Versatile and functionality at its best. Available online at stasherbag.com.


Aldea Home + Baby: Eco-Friendly Furniture with a Conscious

Fans of modern, eco-friendly design should check out the kids collection and baby registry from San Francisco’s famed home goods store Aldea Home + Baby. The store prides itself on carrying only items from sustainable artisans and socially conscious design companies, so you can feel good about purchasing items that look this great. Not in the Bay Area? You can still get in on the goodness by shopping online at aldeahome.com.

Sustainable LEGO Bricks: Your Favorites Made Better

The LEGOs you know and love are in for some big changes. In an effort to create zero waste, the company is producing LEGO bricks made from plant-based materials, but you likely won’t notice at all. LEGO just announced in early 2018 that it has started production on sustainable blocks made with materials sourced from sugarcane. The plant-based polyethylene is softer but still durable. Despite these new changes, LEGO promises that builders won’t notice a difference in the look or feel of the bricks. Learn more here.

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—Erin Lem, Gabby Cullen, Shahrzad Warkentin, Eva Cerise and Karly Wood


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