We essentially made scooters we (adults) wanted to ride, but in kid sizes. We opted for premium materials, so the construction is solid and sturdy. The scooters ride smoothly and have a variety of added style details like matte satin finishes, champagne gold accents and lightning bolt patterns.

We spent a lot of time ensuring the color combinations and artwork had just the right balance to make every scooter completely gender neutral. We are proud to have created a collection of scooters both parents and kids can appreciate.

More importantly, we want the kids to have fun. The Svolta community is growing and staying creative together. On our website, we have a coloring page (custom-illustrated by a local artist) of our Svolta bunnies, Rebel and Phoenix, riding through Los Angeles. We post interactive challenges, community activities and style guides on our Instagram page. I guess you could say we’re not your normal scooter company. We’re just getting started, but we have exciting things in the works!

-from Svolta LLC, SVOLTA
Online: https://svoltaride.com