There’s no better gift you can give your kids than a lazy summer spent with their beloved dog. From chasing each other through the backyard sprinklers, to tandem naps on the couch, your kiddo’s season of leisure becomes priceless when shared with a pet. While summertime means more fun with Fido, it also means more indoor traffic, pet hair shedding and untidiness in the house. Give yourself the gift of a relaxing summer too, by stocking up on Swiffer products that will help you quickly clean up after your family’s adventures––so you can spend less time on housework and more time enjoying life.

photo: Rachel Ritlop of The Confused Millennial

Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy––With Swiffer

Swiffer offers a swift solution to keep your house free of dust, dander, pet hair, paw prints––and a way to ditch the evidence of your kids and dogs tracking everything from glitter to mud through the living room. Each Swiffer product is designed with a unique purpose to meet the needs of the various messes that pop up in every household where kids and pets reside and play, because Swiffer refills work on hardwood, tile and vinyl floors.

Head to Sam’s Club to make summer clean-up a breeze with these Swiffer products:

Dogs and cats shed more in the summertime and Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pads have thick grooves and ridges that are perfect for picking up pet hair, dirt and dust and all those snack crumbs your kids leave in their wake.

When Fido’s outdoor escapades show up on your hardwood, tile or vinyl floor, reach for Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths which have powerful dirt-dissolving cleansers that lock away paw prints.

Help keep summer allergies at bay by using Swiffer Dusters to trap and lock dust, pet dander and hair while reducing allergens. Additionally, Swiffer Dusters are great to have on hand during summer months when sliding doors and windows are often left open and dust invades the home. They make it super easy to dust electronics, lamps, mantels, ceiling fans and any surface that accumulates dust in your abode.

photo: Rachel Ritlop of The Confused Millennial


A Clean Sweep That Rids Your Home of Dog Hair in Seconds… Fur Real!

During the dog (and cat) days of summer, no one wants to spend a lot of time mopping up pet hair and doing chores––so don’t! Swiffer products are so effortless to use, even your preschooler can become a pro at cleaning house. We all know how important it is to give kids a sense of responsibility via chores, and relying on Swiffer is the perfect way to get little ones to pitch in and help pick up after their pooch.

In mere seconds, you and your kids can team up to dust surfaces and mop up all of the pet hair from the floor (remember, they work on tile, vinyl flooring or hardwood) that has accumulated in your home. ‘Clean-up time’ has never been so entertaining or easy.

photo: Rachel Ritlop of The Confused Millennial

Where to Stock Up on Swiffer Products

Dogs are man’s best friend, but when it comes to cleaning up after canines this summer, Swiffer is a mom’s best friend. Head to Sam’s Club to purchase Swiffer products and to turn “The Dog Days of Summer” into “The Dog Days of Swiffer” with Swiffer wet, dry and duster refills.

––Beth Shea