The gobs of Halloween candy your trick-or-treaters bring home can border on the obscene, but thinking of them actually eating it all is enough to make your own teeth hurt. Luckily, there’s a sweet little trend that will help you reduce their sugar intake and up the Halloween fun. It’s the Switch Witch, and she’s here to turn your kid’s candy into a toy, book, Amazon Kid’s Edition Tablet (see below for a discount promo code) or other tangible (non-edible) item they’ve been begging for. Here’s our advice on how to invite the Switch Witch into your home.

halloween candy photo: Mendi84 via flickr

Prep the Kids
If you are reading this before Halloween night, it’s easy to plant the seed. If Halloween has passed don’t panic: the Switch Witch’s magic lasts for the weeks following. Ask your kiddos if they have heard of the Switch Witch, and then get your story in order! Basically, the Switch Witch requires payment of candy, quite a bit of it, and in exchange she will leave behind something cool. An inexpensive but desirable gift is best (an awesome new book, a toy they’ve asked for repeatedly at the grocery store, a sweet new headband, cash, etc.). Tell them they can choose to leave candy out for the Witch, but make sure it’s a substantial amount. It’s up to you where to leave the candy for the Witch, but we suggest leaving it on a kitchen table or somewhere away from the child’s room in order to ensure success (and pop a couple peanut butter cups in your mouth before she “arrives”). It’s like Santa Claus meets the Tooth Fairy plus Halloween radness.

halloween witch toyphoto: Kevin Dooley via flickr

Make the Switch
Put the candy on a fun tray or in a Halloween candy bucket. Have the kids make a note for the SW. Then, send them off to bed. While they’re sleeping, invoke the powers of the Switch Witch and ditch the candy. You can hide it and make it part of a Halloween candy buy-back program, just make sure your top-secret plan remains undetected. Leave the shiny new item in the place of the candy. We love the idea of a new book or reading device, like the Amazon Kid’s Edition tablet. They are currently having a great Halloween Promo of $20 OFF 7″, $30 OFF 8″, $40 OFF 10″ (plus Red Tricycle readers can get an additional 15% off with code REDTRI).

Hint: If you want to up the fun, leave behind a witchy fake fingernail, a note from the SW, or a few strands of green or cobwebby hair.

witch pumpkinphoto: Joe Shlabotnik via flickr

Tips and Tricks
Be prepared for some questions about the Switch Witch. Determine her name, hair color, (and yes the SW could be a he, too) where she lives, what she does with all that candy, what her mode of transport is (broom, car, giant bird) and any other fun details that make her come to life. If the thought of a witch creeping into the house at night to take candy sounds scary to your kids, make sure you add lots of details about how nice/fun/cool/sweet she is. Be creative and have fun “tricking” the kids out of all that sugar. 
Check out this book and doll set that brings the Switch Witch right to you.

—Amber Guetebier

featured image: RawPexel 


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