Forget about the running of the bulls. At Emerald Downs racetrack its’s all about the dinos!

The racetrack recently gave the thoroughbreds that typically grace the races a break and held a costume-clad event—filled with T. Rexes.

In its third year, the T. Rex race is a sight to behold. The Jurassic beasts (a.k.a. people in costumes) line up at the starting gate and…they’re off and running. So how did this magical race happen?

According to NPR, the race started several years ago during the TriGuard Pest Control (of Renton, Washington) annual company outing. TriGuard sales manager, Cody Bennett, told NPR, “The first year, we attended the race in Hawaiian themed clothing.” The following year the company tried togas and in 2017 they switched to dino costumes.

While nothing beats a crowd of T. Rex’s weaving their way around a racetrack, this isn’t the only fun run Emerald Downs hosts. The track is also home to the dachshund-packed Wiener Dog Sunday and a corgi race!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Emerald Downs via YouTube



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