Totally Awesome Award Winners: Q&A Profile Form

So, you WON a Totally Awesome Award. Congrats! As promised, each winner will receive their own Q&A profile highlighting their business and what makes you, Totally Awesome.

Please fill in the below questions; some are required(*) and others are at your discretion.


This will be where we will be sending the Totally Awesome Award Winner window decals. They can be placed as a badge of honor in your storefront or business:

To be used as the cover image for your Q&A profile. We suggest something such as your team celebrating being named a Totally Awesome Award Winner, an image of the founder, or a photo of your business and customers. Please upload a high-res, horizontal image. We will not accept photos with text or watermarks on it. Should you not submit a photo, a generic stock image will be used in its place.

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Interview Questions

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For the most part, the Totally Awesome Awards is a very successful program that benefits the businesses that participate. However each year, we re-evaluate the program and try to improve upon it. If you have any feedback you'd like to leave for us, please leave a comment below. This will be private and not associated to your Q&A profile.