You love Kit Kats. And you love quesadillas. So doesn’t it reason that you’d be all about a Kit Kat quesadilla. If your stomach just turned and you made that “I think I just swallowed a lemon” face, you’re probably not alone. But that’s not stopping Taco Bell. Nope. The fast food chain is known for their…umm, kind of questionable concoctions. And this one is no different.

Taco shells made from eggs, Doritos stuffed tacos and a firecracker burrito with Pop Rock-esque spicy popping crystals (yes, they actually tested this one in some markets) are all oddities that have given the chain food fame.

Well, now you can get your dessert on, while still getting in your quesadilla fix. Taco Bell is about to mix your favorite candy bar with your favorite Mexican menu item. Really. The Kit Kat Chocoladilla is no joke.

So what exactly is this menu monstrosity? It’s everything you want. At least, everything you want if you daydream about candy bars.

It’s kind of like you went grocery shopping and left out the tortillas, some chocolate sauce and a few Kit Kats. And then your 4-year-old got a hold of them and smashed up the candy bars, shoved them into a tortilla shell and covered it all with gooey chocolate.

If you just thought, “Mmm. Yuuuuuum!” you’ll probably have to wait before trying Taco Bell’s newest menu munchie. The fast food chain is still testing the Kit Kat quesadilla in select locations.

Would you eat a quesadilla made with Kit Kat bars? Share your thoughts in the comments below.