Lunch boxes are no longer just a place where PB&J and fruit juice packs rule. In fact, packing a lunch has become an art — you want your kids to nosh on healthy (and tasty) food without making the choices too mundane from day to day. One great way to mix up your kids’ lunch is with a bento style lunch box that will have your little foodies super excited for lunchtime. We love this taco bento lunch box from, which is simple, healthy, and fun.


Taco Meat
Cupcake or other dessert
cupcake liners

1.Cook your hamburger and add the taco seasoning to the mix.

2. Use cupcake liners in Bento box to divide up the Taco fixings. Use one for the meat, one for cheese, one for lettuce and one for tomatoes.

Tell us in the comment section below if you’ve tried mixing up lunchtime with bento boxes. 

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