photo: ndbutter via flickr

See the world from a different perspective! Whether your kiddos a handstand pro or great at posing for pics, capture those upside moments so that the last more than a second. Here’s a sweet list of 5 wacky ways for funny, upside down photography.

1.Take a picture mid-handstand (or somersault).

2. Lie with your back to the ground with your bike between your legs (handle bars facing you) and snap the photo so it looks like you’re biking against the sky.


3. Hang upside down on the monkey bars.

4. Do the forever handstand. Put on an upside down costume where the pants go on top while the shirt goes over your feet. You can use a dolly or teddy to pretend to be the head for extra fun.

5. Make your mouth the feature: Glue goggly eyes to your chin and start lip syncing to your favorite song. Film it!


photo: jason wilson via flickr

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— Christal Yuen