photo: Pixabay

For all the moms who’ve experienced that major dilemma of relaxing in a hot bath or heading to the gym, stress no more. A new study has revealed that taking a hot bath is a lot like exercising. Read on to find out how you can have your bubbles and burn some calories too.

A new study conducted by Loughborough University has found some surprising health benefits to taking a hot bath. Researchers compared the effects of taking an hour-long hot bath and cycling for one hour to see how each affected calories burned, as well as the ability to reduce inflammation. While cycling burned more calories than a bath, researchers discovered that the amount of calories burned in the bath was about equal to taking a 30 minute walk (around 140 calories). Both cycling and bathing had similar effects as far reducing chronic inflammation, which is associated with diseases like type 2 diabetes.

While 140 calories might not sound like a lot, at least you can feel like you’re still accomplishing something when you choose a little relaxing me-time in the bathtub instead of a walk.

Will you be making time for more hot baths after reading this study? Share your thoughts in the comments.