photo: Instacart

When your little ones are stuffy nosed, coughing, and running a fever, the last thing you want to do is pack them up in the car for a store run. But when you’re in desperate need of tissues and Tylenol, you don’t have a choice — until now. Instacart and CVS have teamed up to help parents and their sick kids get help without ever leaving the house.

Cold and flu season may be reaching an end, but before you know it will be back again and this time you’ll be armed and ready. Instacart has partnered with CVS Pharmacies across the country to deliver items from their store straight to your door in an hour. All you need to do is download the Instacart app and place your order. The price is the same as when you purchase in-store, minus the pain and hassle of schlepping a runny nosed toddler to the store, so really it’s a bargain.

The service is currently available in 232 Instacart cities. You can plug your zip code into the Instacart site to see if your area is covered. Prescription medications are not covered by the delivery service.

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