Looking for a healthy meal that utilizes leftovers? Tamales are a great option — they are a lot easier than you think and are a great way to take advantage of all that leftover meat, vegetables or whatever you want to stuff them with. By chopping your stuffing into small pieces, you will be good to go!


2 cups Corn Masa

2 cups Any kind of broth or stock

1/3 cup corn oil

2/3 tsp salt

1/3 tsp baking powder

1/3 bag corn husks


1.  Soak the corn husks in warm water until soft.

2.  Blend with an electric mixer corn masa for tamales, corn oil, salt, baking powder and the chicken broth to obtain a consistent mixture.

3.  Spread masa evenly over corn husks, and spread a spoonful of the stuffing on top of the masa.

4.  Fold the sides of the corn husk to center over the masa so that they overlap to make along package.

5.  Fold the empty part of the husk under so that it rest against the side of the tamale with a seam.

6.  Place the tamales in a steamer and cook tamales for 20-25 minutes. Check after 15 minutes. The tamales are cooked when they separate easily from the corn husk.

This is a recipe from our friend Chef Scott Davis, The Culinary Dude who teaches awesome cooking classes to families, parents and kids in Los Altos, Sacramento, Napa, Healdsburg, Los Angeles, Sausalito and San Francisco. For more information email Scott Davis or visit www.TheCulinaryDudeonTour.com or www.TheCulinaryDude.com for more details.