First there were Halloween succulents and then Thanksgiving, but if you’re missing those tiny planters you’ve probably packed away for the season, Target’s mini Valentine’s succulents are the antidote.

If you’re a sucker for succulents, direct your cart to the Bullseye section of your nearest Target and look for these tiny faux succulents that come in a variety of adorable animal planters. The selection includes a monkey, a shark, a cat, a llama and a way-too-cute hedgehog.

While the planters are totally lovable, there’s nothing to them that specifically screams Valentine’s Day so you’re free to keep these cuties out all year long. The best part is they require exactly zero work on your part as faux plants.

The animal planter succulents are $3 each and can be found in stores in the Target Bullseye section.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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