The retailer we all know and love (and spend most of our paychecks at), has caused a bit of a stir in their children’s clothing aisle. Target’s Cat & Jack line debuted a boys’ shirt with the slogan “Strong Like Mom,” yet mothers on Facebook are having mixed reviews about it.

Scroll below to read some of the perspectives parents are having about this unique tee.

Photo: Target

1. “I wanted this shirt for my son but I wanted it to say ‘strong like dad.’ My son’s father (my husband) was a navy seal in his younger years. Now, he is an amazing, hard-working man, and a loving and wonderful father. I would love for my son to turn out like him.

We get it. Moms are strong too. No one is denying it. But we need strong men AND women. Both have weaknesses and strengths and both compliment each other. That is how we should be raising our kids.” — Dimitra Donnelly

2. “Momma power sometimes goes unnoticed, in a single day we are Doctor, lawyer, judge, teacher, cook, pharmacist & BOO BOO KISSER… yes we are strong!” — Erica Bernal

3. “My eyes just about rolled out of my head… Listen, ladies…. We all know being a mom is hard and sometimes men suck and dip on their responsibilities but SERIOUSLY??? You don’t need a pat on the back in the form of ruining your son’s childhood… Now repeat after me: I don’t need the world to know I’m doing it alone to survive motherhood. I am a good mom without trying to be a dad/man….” — Katherine LaVine 

4. “I love Cat & Jack! I’m so excited for where they’re going as a brand! It’s beautiful to see!” — Michelle Sturm

5. “Here’s to strong women raising confident young men!” — Stephanie Herrbach

6. “I think it’s totally fine especially for the single moms. What makes me mad is the LACK of boys clothes period!!! Tons of clothes for girls but then you go to the boys and half the racks are empty and I only have boys!” — Lindsay Harri

7. “I sure as sh*t would buy it for him! I am a strong woman, raising a kind and empathetic son with an awesome husband and role model father for him!” — Melissa Perisanidis

8. “My Son ended up coming home with only his underlayer shirt on, he said he was teased about his Strong Like Mom shirt and took it off. He loved it when we bought it…. 😢” — Melanie Horner

9. “It’s a boys shirt? I found it in the girl section but really does it matter… I got one for my daughter tho and if I had a son I’d get him one too.” — Kellyn Westra

10. “Single dad wondering where the ‘strong like dad’ ones are…or is that not appropriate talk here?” — Daniel R Weber

What do you think of the new shirt? Would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below!