The big red bullseye retailer recently announced some pretty family-friendly employee benefits changes. And that means Target is helping its employees to care for more babies, kids, aging parents and other family members in need.

While you might expect to see a family benefits expansion for salaried employees, the newly announced perks extend to hourly workers, including part-time employees.

photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr

So how is Target now going above and beyond to help employees who are also caregivers? New benefits include expanded backup child or elder care, new paid family leave (including double the amount of paid time off for new parents on top of the existing medical leave they receive after giving birth) and double the amount employees already get for adoption and surrogacy expense reimbursement.

Of the changes, chief human resources officer, Melissa Kremer, said in a press statement, “Our team finds so much support here to grow their skills and careers, make a difference in their communities, and take care of themselves and their families—including benefits that we’re enhancing to be more relevant across a breadth of life stages.”

—Erica Loop



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