photo: Pexels

What would you do without your regular ol’ Target trips? You go in for a box of cereal and a pair of socks and come out with a shopping cart filled with absolutely everything, except for cereal and socks. Oh Target, how we love thee. But, if you live in Vermont, you haven’t had the chance to browse the big red bullseye’s aisles. That is, until now. Check out where the newest addition to Target’s family is moving and what it means for the company.

Target is making a nationwide expansion and they’re remodeling, too! And their plans include a major move — into Vermont. Yep, finally the retailer is moving into the state. This makes it official, now there will be a Target in all 50 states. Yay!

Five years ago, in 2012, Target had big plans to open a Vermont store in the town of Williston. But that never happened. Now they’re getting ready to open a South Burlington store in October 2018. That means, you’ll be able to travel anywhere in the US and still shop at Target. At least you’ll be able to starting next fall.

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