photo: Pixabay

Raise your hand if you love to save money. Okay, we know that everyone’s hand is up right now. Between the clothes, the groceries and everything else you buy just about every day, every parent could stand to save a few dollars. So you shop around, look for sales, occasionally clip coupons and download every money-saving app out there. But now you may not have to spend as much time hunting for the best deals around. Why not? Check out the genius move that Target is making.

As if we didn’t already shop Target for their low prices, now we have an even better reason for spending time there. The mega-retailer recently announced that they are lowering prices on thousands (yes, thousands!) of items.

Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Target, Mark Tritton, noted, “We want our guests to feel a sense of satisfaction every time they shop at Target.” Umm yes, a price drop will certainly do that for us.

In an effort to streamline the savings process, Target reviewed their prices and their promotions. Instead of adding extra deals all over the place, the company decided to cut the confusion and lower plenty of their prices.

How will the new price changes work? Well, to start with, Target is getting rid of two-thirds of their in-store “offer” signs and ads. Instead, you’ll just find low, low prices. But don’t worry about never finding another crazy-awesome promotion. They’ll keep a few hand-picked promotions that are truly “compelling.”

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