When the big red bullseye retailer recently announced the release of Yes Way Rosé vino in a can we thought life couldn’t get much better. But wait for it—now the Insta-famous brand is also selling rosé wine bouquets at Target. And this pretty pink pick is perfectly fit for your Mother’s Day wish list.

The rosé-inspired blush-hued rose bouquets may not come with a bottle (or can) of your fave adult beverage. But this sweet selection is a cute way for kiddos to honor mom with something she’ll totally appreciate. Even though the rosy rosé florals aren’t available yet, reports list the retail price as $17 per bouquet.

But wait fresh-cut flowers aren’t the only Yes Way Rosé Mother’s Day pick you’ll find at Target this spring. Look for rosé-themed cupcakes too. The four-pack ($3.99) and jumbo ($2.99) sweet treat has the signature pastel pink rosé color—but doesn’t include the alcohol.

According to recent reports, the wine-inspired frosted treats will make their grand debut Apr. 21. Even though you’ll need to wait a few days to get the goodies, don’t wait for too long. The Yes Way Rosé bouquets and cupcakes are only available until May 12.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Target



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