My local Target is my happy place. I shop there, I write about it, I pretty much know every single employee by name. It truly is my home away from home. As much as I obsess over my shopping Mecca, these target shoppers have totally gone cray-cray.


In 2015 Target teamed up with Lily Pulitzer and women went bananas! The result looked a bit something like this.


This is basically what my shopping trip looks like on a random Tuesday. Kids, you are gonna have to get out of the cart and walk. This bedding is 70% off. Bedding over babies.


WHAT!  90% OFF! So what if it’s the dead of winter? I need all of this. Every single brightly colored cup is mine. I can just store it all in my basement, which now resembles a Target storage room.


Is there a secret Target Mom group that I don’t know about? Do you all dress in red, buy 36 oz. lattes and shop at secret times? I need these women in my life immediately. These are my people!


Target is so insanely awesome that even the celebs can not stay away. Nice cheese balls, Snookie.


This Target Warrior is so excited to hit the aisles that she forgot to take the basket out of the basket holder. Screw it, just go


These people will literally DIE to get inside the shiny, red gates.


This kid’s mom is wasting no time training her little Target Tot. Get in the cart and read me those ads, girl!


Guess who is renewing their vows at Target! THIS GIRL! I can’t wait to reveal this plan to my husband.

So nice to know that I am not the only one who loses her mind over Target. The world is FILLED with us obsessed shoppers.