Celebrate International Women’s Day now and all year long! Target makes it easy to shop brands created by woman with the company’s new “Women Owned” icon.

According to the big red bullseye retailer’s website, the Women Owned icon can help shoppers to, “Support women entrepreneurs by shopping the brands featured here. In the future, look for this badge to keep supporting women-owned businesses.”

What women-created brands can you look for at Target? If you’re on the hunt for a new beauty brand that has long-lasting, cruelty-free formulas in a range of skin tones, Cashmere Nicole’s Beauty Bakerie is a line to check out. Brook Harvey-Taylor’s Pacifica Beauty also includes cruelty-free products. This 25-year old brand brings clean, non-toxic items to the public in sustainable packaging too!

Other Women Owned brands Target carries include Jenn Chiba’s House of Lashes cruelty-free lashes, Monique Rodriguez’s Mielle Organics, Bijou Karman, Katie Sturino’s Megababe body care solutions, Chris-Tia Donaldson’s TGIN hair care line, Natalie Mackey’s Winky Lux beauty products, the Camille Rose hair/body brand by Janell Stephens and Honest Beauty by celeb/actress/business owner Jessica Alba.

To find these brands and other lines made by women, just look for the “Women Owned” icon on Target.com.

—Erica Loop

Photo courtesy of Target



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