September is National Baby Safety Month. And one of the ways that you can make sure that your baby is safe is by checking her car seat. If your baby has outgrown her car seat, doesn’t have one that meets current safety standards or you’re just ready to change things up, don’t throw the old model out! Why not? Target is reprising their fabulously popular car seat trade-in program. Check out what you need to know about this awesome option.

Last April Target partnered up with TerraCycle to recycle used car seats. TerraCycle works with retailers, manufacturers and brands to offer free recycling collection programs.

Instead of just trashing your child’s old car seat, Target’s program allows you to do a little bit of good for the planet and trade it back in to be recycled. In return for bringing in the old seat, you’ll get a brand new coupon for 20% off a car seat-related purchase. This includes car seats, car seat bases, travel systems and booster seats.

Last April’s trade-in program helped Target and TerraCycle to recycle almost 80,000 car seats. This time around Target is hoping to recycle 1.2 million pounds, which is roughly equivalent to the amount from last spring’s trade-in.

Target’s car seat trade-in program will run from September 10-23, 2017 at most stores.

Are you planning to take advantage of Target’s trade-in program? Tell us in the comments below.