photo: Target via YouTube

An athlete isn’t just somebody who wins medals or who appears on TV playing professional sports. An athlete is anyone who moves their body for the fun and thrill of exercising it, regardless of size or ability. Target’s latest ad gets that it doesn’t matter what the body looks like. What matters is the heart.

The latest campaign for the company’s activewear line, C9 Champion, showcases badass athletes of various ages and shapes being active and awesome. There’s a black man doing yoga on a football field, young girls doing tricks on skateboards, a woman with a disability killing tire flips and zipping up a rope, a team of mothers working out while pushing baby carriages and teen ballerina Lizzy Howell doing dazzling pirouettes. Check it out:

Seeing people of different abilities, body types, sizes, backgrounds and ages celebrate their bodies and strength is empowering and affirming.

Target’s ad is an amazing 40 seconds of representation. Can you imagine what a blockbuster movie or a new children’s television show could do?

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