photo: Target 

Drive-thru is no longer just for fast food. Yay! Umm, where else can you find this oh-so-easy service? Well, you might find it at your local Target. At least, if their test run goes smoothly. That’s right, Target is trying a new “Drive Up” service. Before you start getting giddy, it’s only in the Twin Cities (that’s Minneapolis St. Paul) for now. But that doesn’t mean it’s staying local to Minnesota shoppers forever.

So how will this “Drive Up” service thing work? All you need to do is place your order on Target’s app. After your order is in, select “Drive Up” and the store will let you know when everything is ready. The next step is to let your Target store know that you’re on your way.

Just click on “I’m on My Way” (on the app) and head to one of the special parking spots in your store’s lot. Instead of having to bundle up baby or herd your toddler and preschooler into the store, a target team member will bring your stuff out to you. Genius!

Target Senior Vice President of Digital, Dawn Block, says, “Drive Up is our latest effort to make it easier and faster for busy guests to conveniently get what they need, and simply get back to their day.”

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