We gave the new Fire Kids Edition Tablet to the Oicipser family (Mom Amy is a first grade teacher, Dad Kevin works in tech, and the boys Stephen and Fritz are in half-day camps this summer) to see how they would use it to keep their kids busy during the dog days of summer. Find out what they each have to say below.

What The Whole Family Loved:


1. All the amazing content. Each new Kids Edition Tablet comes with a year’s subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, which gives your curious kids access more than 16,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games. And it’s good stuff too. We’re talking content from PBS Kids, Disney, Simon & Schuster, Amazon Originals and more.

Stephen (seven-year-old) says: It has all my favorite shows like Dino Dan and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, plus I found cool new stuff like a National Geographic app and another one that teaches me how to draw cartoons.

Fritz (five-year-old) says: There are so many new videos, games and apps to choose from! It’s like having my own computer with just my favorite stuff that my brother can’t mess with!

Amy (mom) says: I was able to link Fritz’s Disney movies and Stephen’s Minecraft account, so they can each access their favorite content on the tablet under their individual profiles.  

2. Safely navigate the web. With the new Fire Kids Edition Tablets you can access over 50,000 carefully curated kid-friendly websites and YouTube videos using the FreeTime Web Browser. Enable it under Web Settings in your child’s profile to get things started.

Fritz (seven-year-old) says: I like watching YouTube videos on my mom’s computer but she always looks over my shoulder to see what I’m doing.

Amy (mom) says: Since all of the content on the new Fire Kids Edition Tablet is curated and vetted by Amazon in partnership with Common Sense Media, I feel like I no longer have to be that hovering mom. I’m now ok letting the boys watch YouTube on the Fire tablet into their rooms or outside because I know they can’t access anything that may be inappropriate. 

3. Setting Goals and Time Limits. Put your star chart on the back burner, because parents can set daily goals for reading, watching and playing through FreeTime. Find it under your child’s profile settings (Setting Daily Goals and Time Limits). Then let the tablet know exactly how much time you’d like to spend on each activity, daily. Parents also have the option to block entertainment content until those daily goals are met.

Amy (mom) says: Fritz has always been a total book worm, while Stephen has gravitated more towards the math and sciences. It’s great that we can set up a profile for each of them with apps and games tailored to their interests. I can also keep tabs on how much time they’re spending on each activity. It literally saved my summer!

Kevin (dad) says: The boys are total tech whizzes. Their little fingers are able to figure stuff out before I can even google the right answer. With the new Fire Kids Edition Tablet you can enable settings to ensure that there is absolutely no way (even with their intuition) to access entertainment and games before they’ve completed their daily reading or math activities. This feature really sold me on the Fire Kids Edition over any other tablet. 


4. The Parent Dashboard helps you connect with your kids. New to the Fire Kids Edition Tablet is the Parent Dashboard. Sign into the dashboard to discover the books, videos, educational apps and games your kids enjoy in FreeTime. They even feature Discussion Cards that provide talking points and prompts so you can easily talk to your kids about what they’re discovering.

Kevin (Dad) says: I tend to work long hours and I’m not always around when my kids are using an app or reading a book. The discussion cards are great because they give me insight into what the boys are reading and playing. I can talk to them about it when I get home in the evening and ask better questions than “how was your day?” which makes them roll their eyes.

Stephen (seven-year-old) says: It’s pretty cool to talk to my dad about the new games and books I’m reading. It’s funny to watch him try to play the games. 

5. The indestructible case. We all know accidents happen. The 2-year worry-free guarantee includes coverage for anything that happens to your Fire Kids Edition tablet. Just return the tablet and Amazon will replace it for free.

Kevin (Dad) says: Stephen has dropped my phone in the toilet, the boys have disassembled our blender and their backpacks and lunchboxes come home at the end of the day in tatters. These boys are rough, so the 2-year worry-free guarantee makes me feel good about this purchase, and tells me that Amazon understands kids and families.

Amy (mom) says: Ditto what Kevin said!

Thanks to the Oicipser family for sharing their feedback!

Note: After testing the Fire Kids Edition tablet for a week, the family ended up buying 2 tablets for the boys, because, you know…. siblings. They feel good about buying the right tablet for their family,

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