photo: Kyle Hubler Facebook page

Encouraging a passion for reading and books is definitely part of an educator’s job, but one teacher decided to take that inspiration to a whole new level by transforming his classroom into Hogwarts to give his Harry Potter-loving students a magical year of learning.

As ABC News reports, teacher Kyle Hubler at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, Oregon hit his classroom with a transformation spell, when he made it over to resemble Hogwarts. From brick walls, to hanging tapestries, Hubler went all out leaving no corner untouched in his renovation. “The best part was hearing the audible gasps,” Hubler said, “Their jaws dropped to the floor and they froze for second and then they rushed in and swarmed everywhere. Kids were in every corner of the classroom. They wanted to look at every detail.”

Hubler himself is a Potter fan and has been collecting trinkets and memorabilia for years. He wanted to share something meaningful about himself with his students, so that they could have something to connect with beyond the teacher and student relationship.

Hubler told ABC News that it took him 7 hours to complete. “I started coming into school about five weeks before the students arrived,” said Hubler. “My principal was excited and he was looking forward to seeing the students’ reactions. A lot of my coworkers I showed were all amazed by it as well.”

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