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Looking at life from a different perspective can be a challenging lesson to teach young children. But this is how you can help your child shift their mindset from being focused on the center of self, to an observer of the world around them. This can be done through play and invites the possibility to engage others, objects, and landscapes in a creative way. Playing with perspective supports the notion that we are not limited to seeing things from one viewpoint. We can go beyond our limitations of what we see by using the inventiveness of our imagination. 

Looking through a different lens can also help to shift a negative state of mind as it interrupts the way we see our surroundings in the immediate moment. Think of different perspectives as a cognitive brain exercise, in order to see things from a different aspect, we have to look outside the box and help shift attention from self to others. It is a social and emotional skill that requires empathy and understanding. 

This activity can also be used as a tangible emotional self-regulation tool, pick up the butterfly and go for a walk when emotions are heightened, to take a look at life from a different angle. 

Materials You Need: 

  • Recycled box 

  • Black Marker

  • Box cutter 


1. Cut out one side of the box 

2. Draw the shape of a large butterfly 

3. Cut out the wings of the butterfly 

4. Take your butterfly on a walk, discover the world through a different perspective

5. What do you see? 

Check out the easy-to-follow video here!