For our kids, normal is swiping the screen of a tablet dozens of times per day, a mom who carries her laptop around 24/7 like it’s the neglected younger sibling, and never having heard the hum and beep of a dial-up modem. Since technology in all forms has infiltrated our lives whether we like it or not, we’re bound to have some funny (literally laugh out loud) moments with our kids and their interaction with these nifty devices. Below are some funny stories from the modern day, plugged-in mom, which will make you laugh and even say, that’s happened to me too.

My two year old son Cameron totally knows how to navigate himself on our tablet, including skype.  One night, Cam decides to skype with his Uncle Lyndon.  While “chatting”, his Grandma appears in the background and starts to talk.  But he says, “No, no grandma…” and starts to swipe his fingers across her face—as if he could actually move her and “swipe” her off the screen!!
Yvonne, New York City

A month ago, my seven year old daughter decided to send me a message about her one true “need” in life and decided to use my smart phone to deliver it.  Well, little did I know there were a number of apps where one could doodle, cut and paste photos and send messages, but much to my surprise, I got the message loud and clear – it was a picture of my daughter with her new “friend” and a note that said, “I want a dog!”  (Editor’s note: See photo above for Shamini’s daughter’s creation).
Shamini, San Francisco

When my son was four he accidentally bid $200 on a set of Playmobil trash cans on ebay—and won!  We quickly figured out how to lock down the website so he couldn’t make purchases.
Cathie, Portland

We were on vacation, staying in a hotel. There was a newspaper sitting on the table that my husband had bought the day before. My two year old daughter picked it up and handed it to her dad saying “Here daddy, here’s your tablet.”
Alanna, Portland

I knew it was time for a password on my phone when my Kindergartener ran upstairs and interrupted me as I was putting her younger brother down for a nap to say, “Mom, you just got a text from Shannon, she is complaining about her job again. I think you need to call her. She used symbols and A LOT of exclamation marks.”
Kara, Seattle

My daughter is the subject of countless photos, but she must have gotten tired of being the subject because she quickly learned to play photographer using my phone.  Now, I find tons of pics in my photo stream, mostly all blurry, of little toes, stuffed animals, even some candids of myself!
Gabrielle, San Francisco

Last spring, my friend gave her four year old her tablet to use in the car during a long road trip. He figured it out rather quickly and spent the entire trip playing games. She said it was one of their best car trips ever! But, the next day my friend received an e-receipt from iTunes for $600. Apparently, every time a pop up ad appeared on the screen her son hit the “yes” button resulting in $600 worth of gaming apps!! Lesson learned: If you give your child your tablet to use, disable your credit card info.
Kristina, Seattle

Got a funny story to share about your kids and technology? Share it with us in the comment section below! We’d love to hear.