Warning! Reading this letter from a grateful mom to a 19-year-old who bought her coffee may make you cry. So grab a box of tissues and get ready to feel all the feels.

Nicole Clawson wasn’t exactly having the best day. Actually, the Ohio mother wasn’t really having the best few weeks or months. Not only had she recently suffered the loss of her father, but after struggling to find childcare, the mom realized that she had to leave her job and become a stay-at-home mom.

While staying home with the kids would seem like a welcome development, Clawson admits she wasn’t emotionally or financially prepared for the change. With life weighing down on her, the mama took her kids out for breakfast and decided to do something for herself and grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. We all know how these little pleasures can totally make any busy mom’s day just that much better.

Little did Clawson know, or expect, that a friendly stranger would foot the bill for her caffeinated indulgence. Mackenzie Mauller was standing in line in front of Clawson at Starbucks—and that’s when she decided to “pay it forward” (or literally backward) by paying for the woman behind her.

When Clawson found out what the 19-year-old had done, she was touched enough to write an actual thank you letter, that she hand-delivered to Mauller’s mailbox. Mauller posted a pic of the note on Twitter, get a major response. With more than 81,000 likes already, it’s clear that everyone is into the idea of “paying it forward.”

The act of kindness didn’t stop there. Clawson tweeted to Mauller, “By the way, my children have been aware and apart of all of this since the beginning. This has been such a great learning opportunity for them, on how to treat others, no matter what. They are excited to pay it forward, and treat others with kindness and selflessness.”

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Quan Le via Unsplash



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