As parents of rapidly growing little humans, there’s a good chance most of us aren’t quite getting it right when it comes to shoes for kids. Should it be snug? Do we leave a lot of room to grow? Luckily for the parenting universe, an innovative shoe line designed to give growing feet plenty of options (and help you figure out that whole kids’ shoe size chart thing) just hit the market. From a patented Fit Finder to a personalized shopping experience, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Ten Little.

What It Is 

Ten Little is both a shoe company and data platform, allowing parents to accurately determine the right size shoe for their child (according to stats, two out of three kids wear the wrong size). 

It began when founder Fatma Collins’ daughter was about to start walking. She says, “As a new mom, I found myself struggling with knowing which shoes would support healthy development, and which sizes were right for my daughter. When she was about to walk for the first time, I measured her foot, ordered what should have in theory been the right size, but when they arrived, I couldn’t even get her foot in the shoe. From there, I ordered multiple sizes and styles and guessed which one might be a good fit by trying to feel her toes and heel. Given how quickly she was growing, I had to do this all over again every few months—all the while thinking there had to be a better way.” 

Ten Little’s vegan shoes were designed in collaboration with world-class physicians, in hopes of creating a product that supports natural development and movement (think flat, flexible soles). Each pair also comes with fun stickers, so kids can have shoes that are unique to their style and personality.  

What Makes It Different

You might be thinking this is just another sneaker/tennis shoe for kids. Well, besides the fit indicator that’s printed on the insole and the puzzle piece characters that help kids learn which shoe goes where, parents also have the option of taking a quiz on the website that’ll ask a few questions about foot length, current size and preferred brand of shoe. You have the option to submit your kids’ birthdays (so Ten Little can keep up with growth) and answer other questions that’ll personalize the shopping experience. 

Once Ten Little has all the info, they’ll send you updates and reminders that your kids, depending on their growth predictor, should be ready for a new pair of shoes. They’ll also send recommendations for colors, seasons and you can even reorder via text. What happens to the old pairs? Ten Little has partnered with Soles for Souls, so you can donate the outgrown shoes to kids in need. It’s pretty simple: when you size up with Ten Little, they will automatically include a prepaid shipping label in your reorder, so you can donate your child’s outgrown shoes for free.

The Details: 

The shoes retail at $39, with free shipping and returns


—Gabby Cullen